What is the service?

Is the Hospital handing over control of who can access our facility to IntelliCentrics?

Absolutely not. The SEC3URE service provides information to you, against the criteria you set, of whether a commercial visitor is in compliance with your access policy. This allows the hospital to then make an informed decision on whether to grant access or not. The SEC3URE service does not usurp, in any way, your decision making.

What is the SEC3URE service?

The SEC3URE service, provided by IntelliCentrics, is an easy to use, web-based service to help Hospitals implement and enforce their safety and security access policies. Each hospital establishes its own conditions of entry (i.e. credentials) to restricted or patient sensitive areas.

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What is the cost of the SEC3URE service?

The Service is provided to Hospitals at no charge.

Using the service

How do I get help with registering or using the service?

As well as a dedicated Customer Service Team, IntelliCentrics provides a named Concierge Manager to assist you. The service team is available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm by phone or email on:

Is there any training available?

As part of the service, IntelliCentrics provides training for Hospital users of the service, both face to face and on-line.

Who is responsible for managing documents and their expiration dates?

IntelliCentrics manages all of the document management on behalf of the hospital.

What equipment or resources does the Hospital need to use the service?

The SEC3URE service is a web-based service that the Hospital accesses via any existing pc’s or laptops that are Internet enabled. Beyond that, the only specific equipment required is an inexpensive label writer and the labels themselves.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

Absolutely not. IntelliCentrics has never done this and can assure you that we never will. For further information please visit our Privacy Policy.

What hardware and software requirements do I need for SEC3URE?

The SEC3URE service is compatible Internet Explorer 10 and 11 and Google Chrome. For automatic printing with Dymo Labelwriter hardware, Internet Explorer is required. Google Chrome is still compatible with printing badges upon check-in.

What is a Concierge Manager?

The IntelliCentrics’ Concierge Service is an enhanced customer service programme designed to drive maximum benefit from the SEC3URE service for you, whilst taking away much of the administrative burden. And all at no charge!

Each named Concierge Manager proactively supports the Hospitals by managing the initial setup within SEC3URE. This is then followed by the management of the day to day credentialing process as well as handling e-mail and telephone communications with commercial visitors on your behalf. For further information please view Concierge Service for Hospitals


What is a credential?

A credential can include immunisations, levels of training attained and professional accreditations. The exact credentials required will be dependent upon the areas of the Hospital for which access is required and your specific access policy.

Credentials can also include any specific policies or procedures that commercial visitors need to accept prior to visiting your hospital e.g. Parking Policy, Hospital Health and Safety policy, etc.

Who determines what credentials are needed?

Each Healthcare Facility determines its access policy and all requirements they wish to set within that policy.

How do I communicate access policy requirements to Commercial Visitors?

IntelliCentrics manages the entire communication process with commercial visitors on your behalf.

Can a Hospital amend the credential requirements it has set?

A Hospital can easily make changes, at any time, as required. IntelliCentrics will communicate all such changes to commercial visitors on your behalf.