Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s strong stance on compliance eliminates unsolicited visits, reducing overall commercial visits by 60%: CASE STUDY

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a busy, central London healthcare facility. Each year it receives 472,000 outpatient visits, 121,000 people in A&E and manages 23,000 day case operations. So, it’s important that the hospital maintains convenient public access, whilst protecting everyone on site. The challenge Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust cares for nearly […]

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust selects IntelliCentrics’ visitor management to support safety and procurement policies

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is the latest UK healthcare facility to implement the IntelliCentrics SEC³URE commercial visitor policy compliance and management service, which helps hospitals reduce costs, improve procurement efficiency, save clinical time and supports a better patient journey. The SEC³URE service now manages commercial visitors’ compliance to the Trust’s safety and governance requirements, before […]

Commercial visitors continue to ‘side-step’ polices, according to hospital procurement

With continuing pressure on hospitals to deliver high quality services whilst saving costs, it has never been more important for hospitals and commercial companies to work together effectively and efficiently. However, in our recent survey of senior NHS procurement professionals, 100% said they encounter situations where commercial visitors side-step their procurement policies. Survey summary: 100% […]

Working with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust to Protect Patients, Staff and Reputation

At a time when healthcare associated infections, increasing litigation and the enforcement of safety policy compliance are challenges for senior managers within the NHS, we’re meeting with an ever-increasing number of Trusts about our SEC3URE commercial visitor policy compliance and enforcement service. At the end of last year we installed our fully-managed service across University […]

Wash hands and help save lives

Washing your hands properly, aside from vaccination, is probably the most effective contribution we can make to public health and is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness in hospitals The 15th of October was Global Handwashing Day, a date dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding about the importance […]