Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust selects IntelliCentrics’ visitor management to support safety and procurement policies

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust selects IntelliCentrics’ visitor management to support safety and procurement policies Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is the latest UK healthcare facility to implement the IntelliCentrics SEC³URE commercial visitor policy compliance and management service, which helps hospitals reduce costs, improve procurement efficiency, save clinical time and supports a better patient journey.

The SEC³URE service now manages commercial visitors’ compliance to the trust’s safety and governance requirements, before they arrive on site. The hospital now no longer needs to manually complete the often complex series of checks required for each commercial visitor – especially when granting access to patient-sensitive areas such as theatres – for what can be hundreds of visitors each month.

As well as saving valuable hospital administrative and clinical time, SEC³URE also plays a role in supporting adherence to procurement policies. The trust now has full visibility of the commercial companies visiting the hospital, the frequency, duration and purpose of visits, and has the ability to pre-approve sales meetings if required. This helps the trust ensure that visits, and subsequent purchases, are in line with their policies and agreed pricing

SEC³URE, which is provided at no charge to the hospital, has given Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust an immediate and straightforward improvement to the previous manual process. The trust specified a tailored set of credentials and policies that commercial visitors must comply with. These include the trust’s code of conduct policy for suppliers, a DBS background check, theatre access training and evidence of product or service competency.

Rob Drag, Scan4Safety Programme Manager at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, said:

“It is essential that we’re able to safeguard our patients. Knowing that only visitors who meet all of our requirements will be allowed entry to the hospital is a simple, yet fundamental, step to achieving this.“We met with both IntelliCentrics and another supplier prior to specifying our chosen partner. It was after speaking to colleagues in Leeds – and experiencing SEC³URE in action there – that we chose to work with IntelliCentrics.”

Rob continued, “The SEC³URE service also complements the Scan4Safety programme that we’re implementing at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, as part of a national scheme to improve patient safety.”

Azadar Shah, Managing Director of IntelliCentrics UK, said:“By letting the SEC³URE service take on the burden of managing commercial visitors, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has quickly experienced the benefits of policy enforcement. Patient safety is enhanced and, as sales meetings are more carefully managed, procurement policies are more stringently adhered to.”