Contactless Check-in, Visible Compliance

Check-in at the front desk of a hospital takes time. If the wait is long, there is a good chance that commercial visitors will be late to their appointments. If the computer is down or the badge printer is out of service, compliance may become a challenge for the hospital.

SEC³URE GO!, our wearable digital badge, makes check-in fast and safe. Because it works with the SEC³URE mobile app, check-in is mobile and contactless, reducing the risk of surface contamination. It also visually displays the user’s compliance status on the screen.

Commercial visitors who sign up for a SEC³URE Passport will receive a SEC³URE GO! badge. It is one of the innovative solutions enabled through our SEC³URE Ethos platform, which uses trust as a technology to help hospitals provide a safe environment, accelerate time to revenue, and alleviate administrative burdens.

For Subscribers

SEC³URE GO! displays your trusted status and saves you time

  • You are checked in and cleared to enter upon arrival when you use SEC³URE GO! to visit a hospital.
  • Your visit information is displayed on the digital badge during your time onsite.
  • With fast and contactless check-in, you get more time back to do your job.
GO! badge

For Hospitals

SEC³URE GO! makes it easy to enforce the “no badge, no access” policy

  • The badge displays the user’s compliance status, so you can see who’s trusted and who’s not.
  • SEC³URE GO! users are checked in upon arrival, thus offloading staff work at the front desk.
  • It saves your staff’s time when SEC³URE GO! is the primary check-in method.
GO! badge